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        收益模式(Revenue Source)









        1.Yields of Naming & Sponsor from Enterprises

        The project targeted to seek strategic paartner take advantage of its brand and obtain Naming &Sponsor from famous overseas enterprises that invested in inland corporations, so that the program can be performed in its original country. And national and international staff are the first favored audiences for the tour performance. currently more than ten enterprises have expressed co-operate intention. Furthermore, there are opportunities to co-operate with overseas enterprises which invested in China.

        2.Ticket Revenue

        The project is drafted to work with local performance brokerage institution, overseas Chinese associations and leagues for tickets promotions. In the mean time, it is planed to strengthen advertisement efforts to enlarge ticketing revenue.

        3.Government Support

        In order to get finance support from local and central government, the project will enlarge its influences through “Authentic China” global plan of Chinese Ministry of Culture. Meanwhile, subsidies of overseas performances can be obtained from Chinese ministry of Culture and overseas Chinese Affair office.

        4. Derivatives

        With the growing influence of brand affect, derivatives could be developed.